Electronic Games | Basic Fun!

classics for the new generation!

Classic Electronic Games just like you remember. These handheld games that were favorites from generations past are now available for a whole new generation to enjoy.

retro graphics, sounds & gameplay!

With authentic gameplay and nostalgic appeal, you can run, jump, and shoot to beat that high score over and over again! Perfect for collectors of all ages!

Electoronic Games | Carmen Sandiego | Basic Fun!
Carmen Sandiego
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, is back in this handheld edition!
Electronic Baseball | Basic Fun!
Electronic Baseball
Get ready to pitch, hit, and run around the bases to score your homerun!
Electronic Basketball | Basic Fun!
Electronic Basketball
A 70s Classic! Use the arrows to move around the court to get your perfect shot!

Electronic Football | Basic Fun!
Electronic Football
Get ready to run, kick and move forward or sideways to avoid tacklers!
Electronic Hockey | Basic Fun!
Electronic Hockey
A 70s Classic! Use the arrows to move around the ice and get the perfect shot!
The Oregon Trail | Baic Fun!
The Oregon Trail
Learn about the realities of 19th-century pioneer life on The Oregon Trail.

Electronic Sports Fishing | Basic Fun!
Electronic Sports Fishing
When you can't get out on the water, you can still go fishing with our Electronic Sports Fishing game!
Skeeball | Basic Fun!
Shoot the balls carefully to score as many points as possible - either in timed mode or with the 9 balls!
Electronic Games | Speak & Spell | Basic Fun!
Speak & Spell
The iconic Speak & Spell toy is back, and it looks and sounds just like you remember!

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