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get up close and personal with nature!

Uncle Milton® WildLife™ Habitats allow curious kids to observe the lifecycles of fascinating critters, like ants & butterflies, in habitats inspired by their natural world. Watch caterpillars form chrysalides and transform into beautiful butterflies! Observe ants working together to dig intricate tunnels! These fun habitats are a great introduction to nature, setting your child up for a lifelong appreciation for the world around us.

Now you can watch the amazing transformation that turns caterpillars into real butterflies! First, build and decorate your own butterfly habitat. Then, put caterpillars into the Transformation Chamber and watch the incredible metamorphosis in action. Soon you will have real butterflies flying in your beautiful butterfly farm, ready to release into the world!

WildLife Habitats | Butterfly Farm - Live Habitat | Uncle Milton | Basic Fun!
Butterfly Farm - Live Habitat

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Get a peek into the amazing underground world of ants with these classics that has delighted generations of families since 1956!

WildLife Habitats | Ant Farm Antopia Rainforest - Live Habitat | Uncle Milton | Basic Fun!
Ant Farm - Antopia Rainforest
WildLife Habitats | Giant Ant Farm Ant Picnic - Live Habitat | Uncle Milton | Basic Fun!
Giant Ant Farm - Ant Picnic
Ant Farm Retro | Uncle Milton | Basic Fun!
Ant Farm - Retro

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